dagmar_merrill's Tales of Suspense #57 - Hawkeye, The Marksman review

Hawkeye makes his first appearance and finally provides a good story in this kind of terrible series.

Honestly, I didn't realize this was Hawkeye's first appearance until about halfway through. Not sure if that is a good thing or not to be honest. To be fair Hawkeye's origin is set up with a ton of heart. It didn't really have a strong ending even though it had enough room for a good ending.. so, not sure what happened there.

Cool, right?

It goes as such, Hawkeye is performing and showing off his master marksmanship. Since this is technically an Iron Man story, Iron Man flies over Hawkeye and everyone immediately stops caring about Hawkeye just like that. Since Hawkeye is apparently kinda young at the moment he makes a rash decision and becomes a vigilante. His costume is pretty decent, but I think he is wearing a skirt.. which is questionable... since, he doesn't need a skirt at all. Anyway, on his first outing or so, he gets a robber in this really cool page. What do the cops do when they spot hawkeye? They chase after him. So Hawkeye instinctively runs, and he runs fast. He runs right into Black Widows car. I mean.. odd coincidence but, just go with it, Silver age. She talks him into getting into the car with him and he goes. Apparently they didn't teach Hawkeye Stranger Danger, so they get to Natasha's communist headquarters of DOOM! They start talking and find out they have a common enemy, Iron Man. Hawkeye upgrades his bows and goes to fight Iron Man.

On the flip side of this, Iron man has trouble fighting Hawkeye. He has trouble fighting a freaking archer. Seriously? I mean we do find out that Hawkeye's upgrade made the arrows rust Iron Man's suit instantaneously but why doesn't he just ya know, dodge them? Silly stuff aside Tony really takes the backseat here and Hawkeye makes this book which was irritatingly bad awesome for at least an issue.

4/5 for a rushed ending that had no right to be rushed.




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