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Upon discovering the betrayal and defection of Vanko, The Crimson Dynamo, to the United States, enemy agents "Boris" and Madame Natasha (codenamed "the Black Widow") are sent to infiltrate Stark's factory and retrieve the traitor.

Black Widow distracts Stark while Boris goes after Vanko, quickly subduing the unsuspecting scientist. But when Boris dons the armor of the Crimson Dynamo and sabotages Stark's factory, Iron Man appears. Thinking it Vanko beneath the armor, Iron Man is caught off guard, and soon finds himself a prisoner aboard an enemy submarine.

He manages to find Vanko, and takes him back to his factory. Vanko uses his deadly laser light technology to stop Boris, although because the technology had not been perfected he too is killed. Black Widow escapes and worries for her life, as her Communist masters will try and kill her if they can.

Also includes: "The Seance" (Lee, Lieber, Stone, Holloway); "Tales of the Watcher: the Failure" (Lee, Lieber, Reinmen, Rosen)

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