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Features Include:
The New Iron Man Meets The Angel!
Strange Encounter
The Saga of the Sneepers 
An accident during a weapons test at Stark's factory has unfortunate consequences for X-men's "Angel", who suddenly turns unpredictable and dangerous. Iron Man tries to confront Angel before he can do any harm, but the winged mutant is much too fast for him. Thus, Iron Man must somehow stop a friend-turned-menace that he can't even touch, much less strongarm into submission.

Angel steals some dynamite so that he can attract the attention of evil mutants. However, Iron Man confronts him, and tries to stop him. Angel flies high enough that Iron Man's jets run out of power, and Iron Man falls, seemingly about to die. However, Angel's mind turns back to normal since he can't just let Iron Man die. He flies down to save Iron Man, and does so at the last minute. Professor X telepathically thanks Iron Man for saving Angel, and tells him to call on the X-Men should he need a favour.

Includes short appearances by the X-men and the Avengers.

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The New Iron Man Meets The Angel! 0

Iron Man goes sky-high this month as he finds himself at the mercy of The Angel who has been affected by a Nuclear Blast caused by Stark which—you guessed it—causes the X-Man to turn evil. I know, I know; I was rolling my eyes during the first few pages of setup too. I thought it was going to be one ofthose issues. Surprisingly (or not, if you look at the credits) however, Lee, Ditko and Reinman do a terrific job of selling the story itself which although having that terribly rough premise, actu...

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Spotlight for the Angel 0

 This is the first crossover of the X-Men with another series and its actually a spotlight issue for the Angel. Actually a good idea since he was the most visually impressive X-Man at the time. Not that there is actually much complex characterization here.   The plot starts with the Angel rushing towards the Xavier Mansion. He decides to take a short cut through a Stark facility  where the testing of a nuclear weapon is about to begin. Iron Man notices and tries to warn him off but the Angel fai...

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