otoboke's Tales of Suspense #45 - The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost! review

The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost!

By far the most exciting and well told story in the Iron Man fiction to date, this month we see Stark at odds with a disgruntled employee with delusions of grandeur and megalomania who harnesses the power of ice and cryogenics to pose perhaps his biggest threat yet. I'm not sure what exactly happened between the months prior and this one but Bernstein has all of a sudden pulled two cats out the bag this month that have redeemed two series' that he had otherwise driven into the ground. Perhaps Stan had a word, or had greater influence on the scripting, but whatever the case is Iron Man's tale this time around (much like Thor's from this month also) is actually a lot of fun. Not only do we get a great villain that doesn't chew scenery and blow everything out of proportion (Shapanka actually has conceivable motives for his crimes and hatred), but we also get the inductions of supporting characters Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan. All in all, a very concise, well balanced and progressive issue for Oscar Man.

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    "Even if you were my type, YOU wouldn't be my type!" 0

    Spoilers ahead. So... everyone in the previous issues don't have ANY impact on modern day Iron Man but finally we get to meet some cool people of which I know will stick around. So both Hogan and Pepper are introduced in this issue. We also meet another new villain who is totally forgettable.. again. To be fair both Hogan and Pepper are delightful, Tony is still a moron who mentions Iron Man WAY too much, and Jack Frost is lame. Hopefully it picks up and some good villains are finally introduce...

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