otoboke's Tales of Suspense #39 - Iron Man Is Born! review

Iron Man is Born!

Out with the old, in with the new. March 1963 saw the end of the premature Incredible Hulk series, and in turn envisioned a brand new character by the name ofIron Man. Of course by now in 2011, everyone and their grandmother know whoIron Man is, but as far as origin stories go, this one was a pretty solid beginning for Stark. There are some rough patches here and there (the usual Lieber and Lee shtick of the hero overcoming odds with cunning rather than pure brawn works at odds with a guy seemingly working inside an iron suit), most notably in Don Heck's somewhat ambiguous, murky art, but generally Iron Man's beginnings here are a good read and leave a lot of room for interesting characterisation that may build upon the "tragic" side of Stark's empowerment.

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