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Pretty Bad "Horror", Cheaply Made -- Waste of $4.75!

This has got to be one of the worst horror comics I’ve read in a long time. For $4.75 you get a black & white, penciled-styled art relating more to gore and incomprehensible stories than anything else.

Beatty writes and draws these six stories which seem to be more for shock value than anything else. Take the “Giants Fishing story.” These ordinary people somehow end up in a lure basket and people are being skewered onto a hook as bait for fish. How’d they get there? Who knows? The ending was pretty lame as well, typical of a lazy storyteller.

The Zombie story was pretty bad too. Apocalypse lasts three days, so how does this affect the porn industry? I know, let’s feed the producer to the zombies. What a great idea.

The key to the mystery door started OK, but I have no clue where the key came from, what exactly the holder benefits from, and why the sacrificial killings. Makes no sense.

For real horror that makes sense, get an E.C. Tales from the Crypt collection. At least there you get full color panels, great writing and horror that is creepy, sarcastic, fun and takes the reader on a merry run.

Bottom Line: If you want gratuitous violence, crass writing and poor artwork, then buy Tales of Fear. Truly pushes the boundaries of good taste. Or should I say shoves it into a coffin! Not recommended.


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