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6 short stories covering the Army of Darkness series so far and beyond.

  1. Deadites, Dames and a Dim-Wit
  2. Weekend off
  3. You Have No Honor
  4. Till Death Do Us Part
  5. Necronomicon
  6. Runaway

Deadites, Dames and a Dim-Wit

Sheila, Ash's love from the medieval times, has just finished saying goo by to Ash (Army of Darkness:Ashes to Ashes #4). She start realizing that her own time period hold no excitement for her. She begs the Wiseman help her get to Ash's time. He explains the only way for one who has been "touched" by the choosen one to go to the graveyard that started the Army of Darkness. She goes and gets jumped by Evil Ash, as a tree, and his Army of bones. She is rescued by the Wiseman who helps her open the portal. Evil Ash falls threw the portal and Sheila jumps after. The two land next to Ash, heading home from defeating Pharoh Ash, (AOD A2A#4). He is about to use his chainsaw on the Evil Ash but Sheila stops him and says "let me".

Weekend off

Ash takes the weekend to take care of some unfinished bussiness. He goes upstate to see Linda's grave and say he's sorry.

You Have No Honor

Set during Army of Darkness, Kay'lore tells of how he used to be the greatest slave driver untill he came along. He took away his women admires, his fallowers and his honor. When the choosen one lead the army Kay'lore tried to help but was always a second too late and made the look the fool. But one the choosen one left Kay'lore was able to go back to his old mean self.

Till Death Do Us Part

Ash is finally marrying Emily (a woman made for this story only) he remembers all the great times they have had together and once he is pronounced man and wife Emily turns in to Deadite and Ash is forced to kill her. And he wakes up realising it was all a dream. Emily is still just his girlfriend. After and akward breakfast and a quick fight Ash decides that she might not be the one and leaves her, throwing the engagement ring he was going to give her away, and going to a coffee shop. There he meets a new girl and goes back to being his old self.


Ash gets a call from his parents to come over for Thanksgiving. During dinner his Mom becomes a Deadite and Ash has to cut off her head and he realizes the Deadites will follow him anywhere.


A teenage girl who is running away from home, catches a ride from a stranger who turns out to be a Deadite running from Ash. Ash saves the girl and with her help he able to hold back a horde of Deadites. He then drops her off at the bus station. She realizes it might not be the best idea to runaway from home with crazys like Ash running around.

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