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Drake Liddle was a sick man forced into a world where madness reigns supreme as he eventually accepted his fate and took on the persona of the “Mad Hatter” but who was the one that wore the hat before him? Who was the man that donned the skins and created the madness to begin with? The original Hatter will be revealed and the madness can never be stopped! Includes part four of back-up story “The Arrangement.”

On the shores of a beach a man encounters a beautiful young girl, who is fleeing the Cheshire Cat. The man defeats the Cheshire Cat and exchanges names with the girl (Lily and John respectively). Before long the two fall and love and build a life together there. Their happiness is short lived after the Queen of Hearts' scouts find and then capture them.
John is locked and manacled in the Queen's dungeon. He is kept there and tortured for many years. While incarcerated he tells another prisoner the story of how he came to Wonderland. He tells of how he was a dangerously progressive doctor and eventual serial killer in England-- none other than Jack the Ripper. Fleeing the police one night, he stumbled through the mirror and ended up on the beach. Finally he gathers his willpower and breaks his chains, desperate to save Lily. To escape he kills and skins his fellow prisoner and then later a guard, wearing their skins as flawless disguises. This begins the Mad Hatter tradition of wearing skin suits. After escaping he observes, from hiding, the Jabberwocky tear apart and then reform Lily as one of the living flowers of wonderland. Jack vows revenge and escape into the forest.

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