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After Xavier: The age of Apocalypse:

Magneto is in Central America which is now under the control of Apocalypse. There he is freeing American Statesman Robert Kelly from a Apocalypses prison camp at a Mayan temple when all of a sudden Magneto is attacked by the of the prison guards Diablo and Absorbing Man. Diablo uses his magic of alchemy to grab Kelly by controling vines and Absorbing Man in a rock-like form knocks Magneto off his feet. Seeing that Magneto can't control Absorbing Man's rock body, he turns his helmet into a war club and smashes Absorbing Man in the face with it. Diablo then tries to stab a Kelly, but Nightcrawler teleports right in the middle of the two and blocks Diablo's blade and then drop kicks Diablo knocking him out and saves Kelly . Meanwhile Absorbing Man tries to fight Magneto but he is taken by surprise by Rogue, who on contact absorbs his powers and Rogue then hits him with a Haymaker, so hard it shatters His rock form. After the fight, Nightcrawler gets a message from Mystique that they have tracked Apocalypse and know His exact location. This Amazes Magneto.

Elsewhere, the Prelate Scott Summers waits in a royal chamber as he watches the barbaric torture of the mutant Sunfire. Scott then meets with the horseman Death. He tells Death he wants to see Apocalypse about a transport to Dark Beast. Death tells Scott the transport is sent and Apocalypse is not seeing anyone at the moment. As Death walks away, Scott wonders about what is going around him.

Meanwhile in the wasteland of Kentucky, we come to an abandoned farm house and beneath it, is a cavern. A wacky rabbit hops in the cavern and comes to a door. Inside he sees Sabertooth with a scared Blink, Sabretooth trying to calm her. The moment is ruined by the rabbit. He tries to lighten things up but Sabretooth just chokes the Rabbit who turns out to be Morph.

Meanwhile in the War Room, Magneto and the X-Men find out where Apocalypse is strategically resting up. He is on a vessel called the SHIP which is hovering around the Blue side of the Moon.

Up in the SHIP Scott meets Death who gives Summers canisters of Terrigen Mist filed with deformed mutants. Scott also finds out that while Apocalypse is resting, he is in command.

Back on Earth, Sabretooth goes to Blink and tells her that they need her teleporting power to transport to the SHIP. He convinces her threw a heart-felt speech. Blink says thanks to Sabretooth who she knows is Morph. Outside Magneto is feeling doubts about how the war against Apocalypse is going, that so many have died and that he is a bringer of false hope. But Rogue tells Magneto that he is a born leader and that things will get better.

On SHIP, Summers starts to believe that Death has been trying to take over Apocalypse's power the entire time. He plans to stop him. Minutes later the X-Men arrive on the Moon and get attacked by Death and soldiers that were his family that he killed only to turn them into his monster soldiers. Morph tries to joke with Death but he shocks him. Death's forces end up defeating the X-Men and they take them to SHIP. All except Blink.

Moments later she gets on the SHIP but is found by Prelate Summers who say that Apocalypse left the ship hours ago. Summers agrees to help Blink save the X-Men. Meanwhile Death plans to turn the X-Men into monster soldiers, but is stopped by Blink and Summers. He breaks Sunfire free. Blink then teleports the team off the SHIP, while Summers teleports someplace else. Sunfire ends up burning Death and destroys SHIP. All members of the X-Men including Sunfire return to earth with brighter hopes for the future and that Summers might be an ally in the future.

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