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Talent Caldwell went to a Charlotte, NC comic con in 1997 and showed off his artwork for the first time. He was told to become more like the established artist like Michael Turner and Marc Silvestri. He took the words to heart. He moved from his hometown of Clarksville, TN to move to L.A. to try to get into his passion of film. Talent only did music videos and his first was in 1999, Sevendust “Denial” and then later Destiny’s Child “Bug-a-boo”. Talent realized he didn’t enjoy dancing and went back to drawing. At a comic con Talent was discovered by Michael Turner and offered a chance to show his stuff to Marc Silvestri. On January 12, 2000, Talent officially started working as a professional artist. He did background work on Fathom. Only to move onto the creation of the miniseries Fathom: Killian’s Tide. Later Talent left Top Cow to join Michael Turner forming Aspen Comics. After a lawsuit between Top Cow and Aspen comics, Talent’s Fathom: Dawn of War miniseries was published. He co-wrote and drew the artwork for it to be published in 2004. After the release of the miniseries, he broke away from Aspen comics to do freelance work. He has done artwork for Marvel and DC comics. Talent worked on Wildstorm and Gen 13 comics during his freelance career.

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