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Taki was orphaned at a young age when hef her entire family died of a horrible sickness.Taki was raised by a man who eventually became her master named Toki.Toki was a ninja master that had begun to train Taki at a young age.

Taki soon became a great spy and schmer.In the clan many of the people their were blessed with speacial powers and Taki eventually became one of them.Given her supernatural powers she explored Japan to destroy and demons that were harming people.

Soul Blade

Towards the end of Taki's journey to destroy Soul Edge she had to face Cervantes, a fighter from the Soul Calibur series with two swords in his hands.Once the battle was over Taki had came out as the the victor and his body was not there just his two swords.Then as Taki had looked up where she was had all been turned into flames then Soul Edge had appeared.After three long battles with fighting him she had finally defeated him.Once Taki had defeated Soul Edge Her sword Mekki-maru which was forged from Soul Edge had broke.

Taki had then said to herself , "Hmm now what am gonna do?".Cervantes's two swords from earlier had begun to leviatate and then tried to stab her in the back,but Taki had quickly stopped them with her hands preventing the strike.Once she had stopped the blades she had put an enchantment on the swords allowing her to use them without harming here in any way.Then Taki was able to forge Cervantes's weapons into a her regular weapon.Then she said, "The dead is done" in japanese.

Soul Calibur

In Soul Blade Taki had taken Mekki-Maru had stolen Mekki-Maru from her master, Toki because the evil blade had driven Toki into insanity.When Taki was going to try and return home to her village she had seen that toki was still under the evil influence because of Mekki-Maru.Because of Toki still being in bad condition he had ordered his assassins to kill her,but Taki easily defeated them.

So Taki quickly went to the spot where she had hidden Mekki-Maru and tried to fuse the Soul Edge shard,that she had gotten when she defeatted Soul Edge into Mekki-Maru.Taki was successful,when the two bonded the began to emmit black energy. The black energy was visible to the human eye so she had to place a spell on it so that no one would be able to see the energy.

Taki was able to use the blade but soon the blade had lost all of its power.Soon afterwards Taki was captues by Geki,Toki's strongest ninja. She was helpless when Geki had taken Mekki-Maru from he had released the seal that Taki had put on there,Taki tried to warn Geki not to do so but he resulting in his right arm being blown off from the dark energy wave.As she stood up she looked in grief at Geki,took Meki-Maru had left.

Soul Calibur 2

In Soul Calibur Toki was still sending out assassins to kill Taki, but one time was different because the assassians that Toki had sent were ordered to capture her not kill her.Once Taki had defeated the ninjas she had searched their bodies and foung a metal fragment.Taki had then found out that master Toki was trying to find out information about Soul Edge, thats why Toki's ninjas were tying to keep her alive, so that she could tell Toki everything about Soul Edge.Taki knowing of all the notorious things that would happen if someone were to wield Soul Edge, knew that she could not let master Toki be the next wielder.

On Taki's journey back to Japan she sensed the precence of Soul Edge, she then knew that time was running out.Taki had then eventually tracked down Soul Edge to the Ostrheinsburg Chapel,an old chapel where Soul Edge and Soul Calibur had fought many years ago.When Taki had gotten there she had seen Heisharo Mitsurugi,another Soul Calibur figher who Taki has had countless runins with.She had seen that Mitsurugi was on his way to fight Soul Edge,but he had stopped, turned around and then he had seen Taki.

He had said to her, "I have had enough of you!". Taki then replied after laughing and saying, "Haven't you had enough?". Taki then somersaulted near him and then they had begun to fight.When the battle was over,Taki had won.Before she was going to take on Soul Edge she had said to Mitsurugi that he needs to go home now knowing that Soul Edge was to powerful for him to face. As Taki had turned around she saw a bright light then she had seen Soul Edge! Everything around her was in flames like there last encounter but Taki soon realized that she was in Hell.

Before Taki and the dreadful sword were going to begin fighting, she powered up Meki-Maru,then the two fought three long battles.After the batlle was over and Taki landed her last blow to Soul Edge. Soul Edge had then begun to float in the air while screaming, Soul Edge had exploded and Soul Calibur was released and stuck into the ground.Moments later everything had cleared up and she was back at the Ostrheinsburg Chapel, but Soul Calibur was not there.Once she was back she had whipered the words to herself,"Demon Captured!".Taki had then set her sights east, she had felt another unusual precense somewhere there.As she headed out you could see a trail of energy coming from both Mekki-Maru and Rikki-Maru.

Soul Calibur 3

In Soul Calibur 3 Taki had taken on a new appearence.Instead of usually wearing crimson red she had worn navy blue and armor and an armor mask around her mouth.Taki had to face one of the only people in her life, Master Toki! Toki was still under the evil influence of Soul Edge.Taki and Toki had fought under the Hoko Temple, and with Toki being the one who had taught Taki everything she knows the battle was difficult.In the end Taki had won the battle. Before Taki was going to kill him Toki weakly said to Taki, " that you? its very dark..."

When Taki had heard those words come from Toki she knew that it was really him and not the evil being controlling him.Then a spirit had come out of Toki's mouth and vanished into the air.Taki knew at that moment that she had to stop and destroy Soul Edge, before Toki would.Since the sword was weakened it would not be difficult to find.Taki had then tracked a piece of the sword to Japan where she found out that an old enemy had it, Mitsurugi.

Taki demanded that he hand over the shard of the sword, so she attacked, but Mitsurugi was able to block the attacks.Mitsurugi then told her, "If you want it so badly come take it by force!" Taki then replied saying, "Soul Edge your scars run deep, even in death." The two then began to continue the fight, but no one knows what the outcome of this battle was.

Soul Calibur 4

In Soul Calibur 4 Taki had sought to put a complete end to Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Taki had believed that both of the swords had caused way to much damage to the world and for to long. Taki had set out on a journey to destroy the blades and she had killed anyone that stood in her way of destroying the swords. Her final battle was against Sigefried, he was the latest possesor of Soul Calibur. At the end of Taki's battle against Sigefried they both had landed a strike on each other but Taki had no damage against her, but Sidefried did.

As Sigefried dropped to the ground he began taking to Taki saying, " Why do you stand in my way. Are you saying that my way is wrong, and that I will fail? " Taki then replied saying, " Unfortunately, yes." Taki explained to Sigefried that we must face our fears by ourselves. Sigefried still holding Soul Calibur, was then embodied in crystals freezing him because of Soul Calibur. As he was being crystalized, Taki quietly walked away. There is no way to know how Taki lived there on out, she sealed such a great evil away and then disappeared from histroy.


With Taki being trained by master Toki she has learned many techinques and the powers that Toki granted her have come useful fromm time to time. Taki is benn trained to becoming a ninja since she was a child. Taki is a ninjutsu practitioner being able to perform various acrobatic moves with great speed. She is very good at dodging as well being able to cartwell or even teleport out of the way of attacks from enemies. With Taki's magic powers the most of her attacks with them cannot be blocked by anything. Her main magic moves that she uses are possession, teleportation and ninja cannon.

Taki's ninja cannon allows her to store energy within the palm of her hands and then hitting her enemy with concussive force. Taki's main use of defense are her twin blades Mekki-Maru and Rikki-Maru. She carries these two swords with one on her back and one on her back hip. Taki uses her twin blades very quickly and with Rikki-Maru being charges, her attcks with Rekki-Maru will be much stronger than her attcks with Meki-Maru. Taki has a favorite attck that she uses to finish her opponnets off.

First Taki would hold both of her blades together and say ougi! then Taki would do a kick and backflip off her opponnet.She would then cast a spell on her body to duplicate herself into three people and slice her opponet from every angle on their body. Finally for her final hit she would jump into the sky and stab her oppponet in the head killing them.

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