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 Taiana is a native of an unnamed island in the Pacific. The island is being controlled by a drug organization led by China White. The natives are made into slaves and have to work in the opium fields and refinery. When she and her husband discover she is pregnant her husband promises to do whatever it takes to get her and the baby off the island. He attempts to steal a patrol boat but is captured by China White's men, and is slowly eaten away by rats in a cage, his screams able to heard in the slaves living quarters.  

Meeting Oliver Queen

Taiana meets a man in the opium fields, and tells him what is happening on the island. She later tends to him when he gets a compound fracture in his arm, giving him some opium to help the pain. She tells him about her husband and also tells him that the heroin shipment is being sent out soon to America and that he will be able to sneak aboard and take it home. She also  reveals that he knows who he is, multimillionaire Oliver Queen. Taiana tells him that she hasn't told anyone of the other slaves, and they simply call him Auu Lanu Lau'Ava, which means "Green Arrow". They are then discovered by China White's men, but they both escape (separately) thanks to Ollie. Later she breaks out all of the slaves, who overpower China White's men. She then holds a gun, intending to shoot, to Hackett's head, who is going to kill Ollie. But Ollie convinces her not to shoot.  Hackett is then shot by China White, and says for Ollie and Taiana to drop their weapons or her men will fire upon them and kill Taiana and her baby. Ollie shoots a bunch of crates down and knocks China White down. After Ollie stops China White, Taiana goes into labor. Oliver tries to help, but he doesn't really know what to do,  and tells her to breathe, and she replies that she wouldn't have thought of that. She names her daughter Tupu Tamaitai, meaning "Queen", after Ollie. 
Ollie offers to take her back to America to live with him, but she refuses, saying that now they just wanted to live in peace on the island. So Oliver says that he will down play the whole thing, so there isn't a bunch of publicity on the island.

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