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T1-LB also known as Elbee is a bulk loading droid used by Zayne Carrick and his friends.

Jedi Counsil

For years he was used by the jedi counsil on Taris. He was in their service. One day the jedi masters sent their padawans on a training mission to an asteroid in space, constantly bombarded by comets. Elbee assisted them in the construction of a large shield dome which would protect the jedi while they meditated. As they meditated on this asteroid, the jedi saw a dark vision of a padawan who would kill the jedi and start the sith once again. Fearing that the padawan in the vision was one of the padawan down on the asteroid, the jedi planned to kill all of their padawan. But they forgot that Elbee was listening and Lucien Draay, one of the jedi masters, pushed Elbee off of a large cliff, thus "killing" him (though a droid can't actually be "killed")


Later, Zayne Carrick accompanied by Jarel, discovered Elbee on the comet and decided to repair him, anticipating that he would have knowlege about his masters. They find the droid but Lucien and the members of the jedi covenant find Zayne and attack him. Zayne and his crew take Elbee aboard their ship and get away just in time. While the droid is aboard their ship, Camper discovers a way to reactivate the droid. He manages to successfully reactivate Elbee, who tells Zayne everything about what happened upon the comet. Zayne is horrified but is glad that he knows the information.


From this point, he is used in various missions. Gryph tends to manipulate Elbee's ignorance and stern distaste for Lucien Draay to accomplish his own ends. Zayne is opposed to manipulating the droid this way, but has trouble convincing Gryph to stop. Elbee saves Zayne and his friends many times during their adventures. Along those adventures, Elbee discoveres another droid named K-OB7, who he befriends. Elbee even goes so far as to attack Zayne and his friends in order to protect K-OB7. Not much is known about K-OB7 other than that he and Elbee were made by the same manufacturers, a fact that enhanced the friendship between them.

Elbee attacking Zayne to defend his new friend

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