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Terry was an orphan who after his mutant powers manifested, felt like a total outsider and wanted to die. Professor X found him and brought him to the Xavier Institute where he joined the X-men as T-Ray.

As a member of the X-Men, T-Ray fought a Sentinel, and after T-Ray blasted it with his mutant powers, it almost fell on him. Luckily,   Nightcrawler saved him by teleporting him away from the Sentinel. When they returned to the Institute, T-Ray was lectured by Professor X. T-Ray wanted to prove that he was really worthy of being an X-man and sneaked into the Danger Room late at night to start a training session. Something went terribly wrong and some equipment blew up in Terry's face. Upon being found with a burnt face, he was taken to the med-lab. Terry recovered and spent the next month alone in his room, upset over his facial deformities. Terry's powers also weren't working anymore because he had psychological blocks. Nightcrawler tried to give Terry advice, but he just wanted to be left alone. He left the Institute the following day and returned to his hometown of Queens, New York. Terry returned to high school and after a teacher had him take of his cap and glasses in class, his scars were revealed. His fellow students were horrified by his scars. As he later tried to ignore fellow schoolmates mocking him, he was telepathically contacted by Professor X. He wanted to be left alone and told Xavier to leave him.  A girl at school named Sylvia became interested in Terry and started to sit with him at lunch. She frequently asked Terry how he got his scars. Terry also made friends with a boy named Gary.  While playing basketball, Terry was approached by  to join his Brotherhood of Mutants. Terry declined, and Magneto, angered, attacked him. The X-men arrived to save Terry and engaged Magneto in battle. Magneto was beating the X-men, until Terry stepped in and blasted him with his powers, that had returned. Unable to handle the attack by the X-men, Magneto fled. T-Ray was welcomed back into the X-Men, and they rushed off to save a young mutant in Kansas who was being attacked by Sentinels. 
This was the character's only appearance to date.

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