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T-1000 is a new version of the terminator but, even better. He can change his appearance and his body form. He can copy the shape, size, feel, and color of anything he wants. He can make his hands into giant blades but, not into guns. While he is damaged he can reform in just seconds. T-1000 has gone back in time to kill John Connor. John is the future leader of the team against the machines. T-1000 wants him dead, fast. T-1000 punches a cop unconscious and then takes his form as a fellow cop. He then tracked down John Connor and confronted him in a mall. This is where the T-1000 first fights the original Terminator. While everyone is thinking that the Terminator is bad he actually is good this time and protects John. After a long chase the Terminator is wounded but, he can handle it and they got away. Thats when T-1000 goes to where Sarah Connor is being held. She is held in a psychiatric institution. It is learned later that Connors might make it so Skynet was never invented. Later, John is reunited with his mom. That's when she tries to run from the Terminator. But, her son explains he's good. Now, T-1000 meets all of them at the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation. Where the Terminator just got out of a gun fight with some cops. T-1000 hijacks a helicopter and chases them. They end up in a steel mill where T-1000 had crashed. When T-1000 got out of the vehical he was frozen solid. Then the Terminator shattered him. As the frozen pieces melted he took his human form again. Then the T-1000 attacks again. But, in the end falls in molten vat of steel where he dies.

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