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The first Syonide was a hired hit-man for the underworld crimelord Tobias Whale, and fought the Metropolis based hero Black Lightning on occasion. However this was until he committed suicide due to guilt over the countless lives he had killed on behalf of the 100.

The second Syonide was recruited by the criminal underworld crimelord Whale soon after the original Syonide's death. She however was indeed the cold blooded killer which Tobias had wanted and assigned her as his personal bodyguard. Syonide was outfitted with a whip capable of discharging varying amounts of electrical voltage; a pair of guns that fired either poison or stun capsules, as well as conventional bullets.

The Whale then sent Syonide to track down the whereabouts of Violet Harper. Syonide tracked down Halo who had taken possession of Violets body and was at the Harpers home trying to discover her true identity. In the ensuing battle with the Outsiders Syonide was shot and killed by Sam Harper who she in turn shot and killed.

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