Synch's power

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If synch was using Husk's power and lets say Husk died after Synch "husked" his skin, would he be stuck in whatever form he changed to, or would he revert back to normal?
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He would go back to normal.

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but how would he be able to "Husk" back if husk isnt around for him to borrow her powers?

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Because his powers dont work like that.

He can turn them on and off and he only gains there powers when he produces his aura and in the same vicinity.We havent been able to see his full potential.

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LOL...i'm saying, if Synch Has used Husks power to so that he can shed his skin and while his skin is shed, Husk dies, how would he be able to change back if he cant "synch up" with Husk again to reshed his skin and go back to normal?

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Good question.I dont know.

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exactly. but isnt he dead? so it may not even matter

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Husk's powers would just go away over time reverting him back to normal. That's how he his powers have always worked. Once he synchs up with you he doesn't need you around anymore, or to synch up with you to turn off said person's powers. He was too strong so they had to kill him off, Waste of a perfectly good character if you ask me. I could see him doing a lot of good in the X-books. Could you imagine him in Messiah Complex? He would be nuts in terms of power by now. I guess I'll never know.

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Husk's power only works for a limited time anyway so I don't see why it would be any different for would eventually fade away

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They killed him off just because he was black.

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I think a combination of that and that if he would live he would had gone way too powerful, next to Franking Richard his powers could gone insane or synch with  Mr. M in  all like hood let to an enormous explosion like the one of the New Warriors and Nitro

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