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Sympira is an alien with a lust for power and control. She was responsible for having her planet's star go nova in an effort to gain power. This caused a planet wide evacuation. She put herself into a personal transmutting chamber inside of a star and gained power for centuries. This power she had achieved she referred to as the Power Almighty. She became a legend to the generations of her people.

She was released from her chamber by the Silver Surfer. She claimed to be a chief scientist in control of a mission to delay her sun from exploding. Her escape pod automatically put her in suspended animation. She was very nice to the Surfer and they returned to her planet, which she knew the location of. When they arrived she prepared to rule over her people where she was a god to them. She used her power abusively and the Silver Surfer intervened. He was able to simply remove all of ther power. She was left behind on the planet.

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