just an observation

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venom refers to himself as "we"

and carnage "i"

this is because venom doesnt agree with brock on everything,the one thing that they both hate is spider-man. carnage and kasady are both phycotic and agree on every thing.

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I think it's the other way around.....Venom and Brock agree on everything, they work together, etc., and refer to themselves as a collective "we".

Kasady's a crazy man and probably doesn't agree with anything that much, and thinks of himself as an I.

IMHO, strictly.

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In the 90's Spider-Man Cartoon, Spider-Man noticed the same thing.  

He thought it was because Carnage and Kasady bonded much more then Venom and Eddie did; that Carnage and Casady literally thought of themselves as one being together, while Venom and Eddie still thought of themselves as a partnership.
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well no eddie thinks of themselves as one being but two minds so it acknowledges the symbiotes existence kassidy always had voices in his head he probably doesnt even notice the symbiote

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