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Sylvie Lushton lived in Oklahoma until she received power from the Asgardian god Loki. Basing her codename and appearance on Amora the Enchantress, she moved to New York and became a member of the Young Masters, a group of teenagers with super-powers. Much to the team's annoyance, Enchantress uses a thick Asgardian accent at random, making her sound as if she has a lisp. She lies about her origins, claiming that she was kicked out of Asgard and sentenced to New York and later admits her Asgardian accent is completely fake and she regrets starting to speak like that.


Enchantress was created by Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks in 2009 and first appeared in Dark Reign: Young Avengers # 1.

Mayor Story Arcs

Dark Reign

Arriving in New York after her "banishment", Enchantress joined the new Young Avengers and began a relationship with her fellow teammate, the Melter, because he treated her like an innocent, when everyone knew the opposite to be true. Melter later comforts her by telling Enchantress that the team would not have formed together without her.

When the Young Masters had a brief scuffle with the Young Avengers, she admits her strong desire to join them and even uses her powers to end their fight and manipulate the minds of her teammates so they would want to join the Young Avengers as well. During this time, Wiccan also comments that the Enchantress is extremely powerful and she doesn't even seem to realize it.

While trying out to be an official Young Avenger with Hulkling and Wiccan, Enchantress confesses that she is originally from Oklahoma and mysteriously woke up with power and then came to New York because she would "fit in". She also claims that her Asgardian accent is fake and that she regrets having started it. It was revealed that Loki gave Sylvie her power to cause mischief.

Final Exam

Enchantress more recently joined a man named Jeremy Briggs whom promised her wealth and fortune. She fought against the students of Avengers Academy when they tried to stop Jeremy's plan of cancelling all superpowers. She later bonded with Striker and was sliced in the face by the mutant X-23. Enchantress then thought it was not worth it and told Jeremy she would quit. She used her powers once more in a massive way to dispose of X-23 and then vanished. It is unknown where she went.

Powers and Abilities

Much like the original, this Enchantress appears to have similar abilities including teleportation, mental manipulation and transmutation - which was demonstrated when she turned one of her opponents into a dog. She doesn't appear to know how powerful she truly is, implying that unlike Amora, Sylvie has not had any extensive or formal training in the mystical arts. It is unclear where he powers are derived from exactly, although when Loki appeared to die following the Siege of Asgard, her powers supposedly began to wane and she needed some sort of medical treatment.

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