How powerful is Sylar's (Heros) TK?

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Sylar can cut open skulls, toss people, and manipulate objects. Petrelli was able to shove a black van across the street with his TK when he had amnesia.

My question is, just how powerful do you think their TK is supposed to be? Could they cut the top of Colossus' head open? could they snap Optimus prime's arm like a branch with their TK, or do you think it is limited in some way?

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No takers?

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The precision of their TK is what is impressive. I wouldn't think they could cut tougher metals like they can flesh. They 've been shown to be able to move trucks. Its hard to know the extent until we see it.

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That is a rediculous amount of control, to cut through a skull without damaging the brain, or even narrowing the beam to such a small blade.

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I think that they have good control (cutting up somebody's skull is pretty intense without going through their brain, like you said) with their TK but I don't think they'd have the power to do either of the things you asked about in the OP.
The most powerful TK feats I remember Sylar doing was flipping a armored truck over with a flick of his finger (while it was driving), and maybe launching Hiro after he got stabbed, although he might not have thrown him, just kept on pushing him, I guess.

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its pretty powerful,  but the feats ideas are way to high till we see something more hardcore from sylar i say its out of reach for him

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@Statman:  actually theres a quote from an episode which may contradict that when he goes after the women with super hearing she says she didnt hear his footsteps and he said tahts bacuse i didnt make any
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He does not have fine control over his TK like ability to change cloth by construct the molecules.
He cannot lift much weigh with his TK, he can lift group of people just fine but cannot fly, 
he did not lift the armor truck but flip it.
Over all, a third grade TK from marvel can kick his ass.

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@kneel before doom: 
He's flown a few times. Best example is the conclusion of  "Fugitives" where Nate Petrelli chases him out of the window.
You don't call slicing skulls without damaging the brain "fine control"? He's not the friggin pheonix, ok.
I don't think a typical TK from the MU would beat him. He has a wide assortment of powers.
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Well back when Peter had all his abilities i believe he tore open a thick reinforced steel door like he was magneto Jean or something.........but ofcourse in the movies Jean tore open a thick steel door like that! while peter took a few seconds just to bend it open.......and technicaly Sylar was supposed to be more powerful with using the abilities than the original owner, so he can probably do the same feats if not better than peter

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I'd put his TK somewhere in the 20 ton range, and he has used it to fly on many occasions.  He not only  has the precision to remove a skull, but he once removed a tiny blood clot from a womans brain, saving her life.  He would eat all but the most powerful Marvel telekinetics for breakfast, Hellion for example.

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@Fortified_Hooligan: I would honestly say of their were 5 levels of TK .. Sylar could probably max out at 3. which is probably somewhere aroung psylockes level.

@EmperorVulcan: 20 tons sounds good

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