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The main character of Alias.


Sydney grew up training to become a secret agent for the CIA via a program that was ran by her father, Jack Bristow. She was recruited out of College to work for SD-6. Sydney was engaged to be married to her boyfriend Danny Hecht, but he was killed by SD-6 after Sydney told him that she worked for the CIA. Shortly thereafter, she was informed of what SD-6 was by her father. Sydney went to the real CIA with her knowledge of SD-6, and was recruited by the CIA into working as a double agent t o bring down SD-6.


Sydney was first created by J.J. Abrams in the first episode of the TV show in 2001.

Character Evolution

Sydney's character has evolved in many ways. In the beginning, she has a hard time trusting others and struggled to balance her life. She eventually manage to find romance with Michael, which later turned into marriage. She also slowly became closer to her father, who was absent for most of her life because of his work. She loses most of her friends, but eventually manages to get them back after talking to them. She is a very conflicted person and has a very strong want for vengeance against the SD-6.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

Syndey doesn't have any powers, but she has many abilities and skils that are useful to her during her missions.

Close Comabt- Sydney is adept in the use of most weapons including firearms, swords, sais, and knifes. She is also skilled in the hand to hand combat via her CIA training since childhood.

Multi-Lingual - Sydney has shown to be able to speak a number of languages. This includes; English, Russian, German, Greek, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Uzbek, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, Czech and Bulgarian.

Master of Disguise - On almost a daily routine, Sydney has to take on a new identity for missions. She is a great actress because of this and uses her impressive intelligence to be convincing.

Detective - She has shown to be adept to an exceptional degree in deductive reasoning. She also has great skill in picking locks and the use of her surroundings for stealth purposes.

Other Media

TV Show

Sydney Bristow originated for the the TV Show Alias. It ran for 5 seasons (2001 - 2006) and won several awards. Sydney was played by Jennifer Gardner.

Video Game

The Alias show insipred a game featuring Sydney. For more information, check out Giant Bomb.

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