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He knows to Wolverine and helps with information. He was in the Vietnam War with Logan 30 years ago.

Sycamore owns a firearms shop in Portland, called "My Cold Dead Hand.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Brotherhood

Sycamore is in his shop talking to a customer when Logan walks in, insults the customer and heads into the backroom. Sycamore fallows and after Logan offer him a beer, questions Logan whats he's doing there. Logan throws him a used bullet, that Sycamore quickly identifies as a Forty-Five Soft Nose, that has recently been pulled out of someone. After confirming that it was in him Logan asks his pal if he know anyone buying large quantities of those rounds.Sycamore does not know personally but sends Logan to the Klamath Gun Show and look for a man named Tom Leeds. Logan thanks his old war friend and tells him he'll be back and he may need his "gear".

Coyote Crossing

For more information see: Coyote Crossing

While working at his shop Sycamore is approached by federal agent Cassie Lathrop, of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. She is looking for Logan and asks Sycamore if he as every seen him. Sycamore denies every seeing Logan, until Cassie emits looking for the mutant to help him.

Later Sycamore takes Cassie in the backroom where he tells her about how he served with Logan. Sycamore goes on to tell Cassie she should stop looking for Logan, and that he can't help a government agent find Logan, they have too much of a past.

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