the_mighty_monarch's Sword of Sorcery #6 - Devil's Bargin; Cornered review

Crystalize the Rainbow

This issue has a great cover, even though the details in Lopresti's artwork kind of diminishes the simplicity of the design. But that doesn't negate the effectiveness of the nice simple design. All you really need to know about this issue when going into it is expressed here, though there's a lot more going on in the deeper corners, the good focal point to start is seeing Constantine doing something with The Black Diamond.

This issue really emphasizes what a shame it is that this series was cancelled. Nilaa is a MASSIVE world that is just overflowing with potential and partially explored corners. It's blatantly obvious that Marx had a SIGNIFICANTLY larger scale plan in mind to shape things out across many arcs. I really hope DC finds a way to let Marx continue with this because I'd hate to lose this after so much was built up. All the various houses with their complex histories and politics and inheritance and.... EVERYTHING. And now Eclipso and The Black Diamond has history deeply rooted in Nilaa? So much.

And not only is this world filled with interesting concepts, it's also filled with interesting characters. Honestly, the current point in the story feels like we're still in the movie or pilot episode setting the stage. Each house is getting a younger new head, and this was clearly leading towards a full group of heroes around Amethyst, with a wide range of personalities.

With the controversy of the tamer Constantine series being launched in the wake of the Hellblazer cancelation, I'm seeing the closest thing to Hellblazer-John appear here, as he enacts a truly callous betrayal, dooming an entire world to death and enslavement just to save the one he happens to inhabit. His decision in this issue honestly caught me off guard the way the Hellblazer-John's actions did, and I greatly appreciate that.

The Stalker co-feature this issue is actually the best yet, still nowhere near as good as Beowulf, but actually somewhat enjoyable. The action is pretty crazy, and awesome and in a very unique way, and the story is.... well... not exactly interesting or not-generic, but it's got a few interesting moments and a setup for a pretty cool conclusion.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Amethyst was as amazing as usual, better than the last two issues for sure, and even Stalker was actually good for once. But the upcoming cancellation of this series puts a massive damper on everything. Also I miss Beowulf so damn much.

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