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As I have said before about this series, the backup story of Beowulf has been really quite interesting whereas the main story with Amethyst has been fun though not terribly noteworthy.  Part of this remains the case here as the story with Beowulf was once again a lot of fun, but additionally here the Amethyst story is working a lot better than it had previously.  Instead of all of the politics in Gemworld instead they choose to look more at the development of the character, which generally speaking for any series tends to work really well.  The writer then follows this up with some more of the exoticness of Gemworld and the politics once again, but as they are better established in the characters then it makes more sense (and also take up less space.)  Once again the backup story was a lot of fun, and really one of the most interesting concepts DC has come out with in the new 52.  It would be nice to see Beowulf get his own series.  


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    Sword of Sorcery #3 ReviewAmethyst ReviewOverview:The plot thickens as war is declared and Amaya disappears.The Good:This issue is a bit slower than the others as it takes a break from introducing characters and motive and focuses more Amaya’s training and main plot development. The main characters are also fleshed out a bit and this is good as the previous issues have not dealt with a lot of character development.Christy Marx was and still is on fire. The world she is creating is both intricate...

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