circularlogic's Sword of Sorcery #0 - Homecoming; Chapter I: The Perfect Soldier review

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When the second wave of the new 52 was announced, I was disappointed by the line-up. Phantom stranger looked like one of Dan Didio's fever dreams and... it was. Team 7, while having a kick-a$$ creative team, was a disappointing bit of 90's schlock, trying to resurrect an era that was rightfully forgotten. Talon could go either way, being really good or really bad. Sword of Sorcery, however, piqued my interest, especially considering that the only other fantasy book out by DC, Demon Knights, is probably the best series put out by any company, IMHO. And this book was actually far better than I expected.

The premise is pretty basic at the beginning. Amy is a girl with a weird family and has trouble fitting in. It actually get's a bit cheesy when she runs off from her mother, crying that she wants to be "normal". Quickly, though, this book turns around and introduces us to an intriguing set up and an interesting villain. The scenes taking place in the fantasy world are great fun, and it really hooked me in. The humor in this book is also well done, and at some points maybe a little dark? if i'm correct in assuming those were jokes...

Art is also fantastic, again really shining when the new world is revealed. Maybe a little thick on the inks here or there, but still, a very pretty book.

The back-up is also great, start to finish. The nature of Beowulf and the mystery of where he came from piqued my curiosity, and the art ain't half bad either. I think the best part about both parts of this issue is the fact that they really quickly pulled me in, which is really the thing a start to a series should do.

The only negatives I can name so far is the little time they spend in the "regular" world seems to be a bit too... Buffy-ish I guess? with a tad of CW cheese, but once they plunge into the fantasy, everything get's quite a bit brighter. I strongly recommend it.

oh, John Constantine makes a small cameo, and it is MARVELOUS.

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