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As it is a weapon it can be wielded by anyone, and used for good and for evil. On the year 359 it was in the hands of Gideon the Dragonslayer. Gideon faced against Zara the Queen of Bones, a wielder of Witchblade but still lost the fight. Gideon's next battle with the sword was against the wielder of Darkness. In a fight Darkness wielder is pierced by the sword and when he takes the sword for himself, he is knocked down to the chasm along with the sword.

The sword lies in the chasm until present day. Lara Croft gets a request from her old master to seek it out. She journeys to ruins of dark castle of Aquintane, and retrieves the sword. Then the master reveals himself to be Gideon, still alive after all these centuries. Sword of Lucifer was indented to his new student, Daria. Daria uses the sword to kill her Master and takes the sword for her own. Daria then uses the sword to link her magic directly to hell, and thus making herself more powerful.

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