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Sweet Tooth is a story about a special Hybrid boy named Gus. Unlike most other Hybrids, Gus was not born conventionally, but in a lab. Gus also predates the arrival of the Hybrid children and is believed to be the key to unlock the mysteries in this post-apocalyptic tale. Gus is joined with his "protector" Tommy Jepperd, Doctor Singh and a band of Hybrid children. Jeff Lemire has stated he has plotted the whole series and it is predicted to be in the range of 50 issues. Because of the nature of Vertigo books to find cancellation within the first year, the exit strategy ending is already planned. With the success and acceptance of Sweet Tooth, the arcs Jeff Lemire wants to tell in the middle from the beginning to his ideal end can now be told. Sweet Tooth's sales are stable and it doesn't look like Jeff Lemire will be denied his full plotted story. Jeff Lemire announced on the Vertigo blog ( HERE) that he will wrap up Sweet Tooth with 40 issues instead of the predicted 50 issue originally mentioned when Sweet Tooth was young. The series was organic enough where Jeff Lemire could provide wonderful obstacles for Gus and Jepperd to handle together. Instead of stretching the series out a little longer he felt it was time to give Gus and crew the team that was planned for them 3 years ago.

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