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In this volume collecting issues #26-32, Captain James Thacker's expedition discovers deadly, centuries-old secrets. Plus, while Jeppard and Gus head for Alaska, things deteriorate for those left at the sanctuary.

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Alaska, 1911. A sheltered scientist and a hard-bitten crew of sailors brave frozen seas and snowy wastes to find a lost team of missionaries. But they find far more than they bargained for. Gods and monsters call this frozen habitat home. Is the astonishing secret they've unearthed a gift from a higher power, ushering in a new era for life on earth --- or a curse, ushering in the end?

Nebraska, present day. The man called Jepperd and the boy called Gus are about to unearth a secret or their own --- a darkness within the shelter they thought they'd found. Now they must decide whether to fight their hidden foe, or continue on their quest to uncover more about the hybrid children and the plague that only they are immune from.

A thousand miles and hundred years separate these two places. But the decisions made there will intertwine to determine the fate of a species...our species.

In SWEET TOOTH: UNNATURAL HABITATS, acclaimed creators Jeff Lemire (ANIMAL MAN) and Matt Kindt (REVOLVER) explore dark new territory - and reveal the true story behind the entire epic saga!

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