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 Sweet Tooth has had a lot of acclaim since the day it came on stands.  

Jeff Lemire hooked many fans from day one, with his cliff-hanger style endings. Each of his issues seamlessly flow to the next issue as if there was little to no break at all.  One of DC's head men called Sweet Tooth "Must Read" book, and after the 1st issue you can see why.
For those who missed out on the $1 issue, it is now online for free as a sample of things to come.  But be wary, Sweet Tooth is addicting.  It is a Story of a small hybrid boy named Gus (the Sweet) and why he is special from all the rest of these hybrids that suddenly appeared when the world started to fall apart. Gus is not alone in this story.  We are introduced to the "Tooth" of the story, a hulking tank of a man named Jepperd who can kill you in ways only Jeff Lemire can layout beautifully in comic forum.  Jeff Lemire's cinematic style can tell us so much in each panel without ever over flooding us with caption words.

I give Sweet Tooth a 5/5 because the sure tightness of the story telling.   Not too much is given to us knowledge wise to quickly so we slowly get to experience the world like the eyes of a child and this child is Gus, your new comicbook BFF.

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Posted by salarymanjam

Any chance you know where online we can read it? I think I want to check this out...

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