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Sweet 16 was one of a few male and female teenage heroes who attempted to join the Atom's version of the Teen Titans. Calling herself Sweet 16, she tried to woo the Titans with a pheromone manipulation ability, which she claimed helped her get straight As in school. While her power worked on the male Titans, the female Titans thought her power was rather useless, outdated, and slightly sexist. To make matters worse, the tryouts had been crashed by the Veil, an organization dedicated to hunting aliens. Sweet 16 and a few of the other applicants fell over each other and proved to be a liability rather than an ally, and were rejected membership when the scuffle was resolved.

Sweet 16 would later reappear, still bitter about her rejection, with a group of girl metahumans. Pom-Pom Girl, Prom Queen, and Bookworm. The quartet attacked Risk and Prysm during their downtime and tried to get an assessment of their abilities. The group failed and were promptly arrested, except for Bookworm, who reported to the group's employer, Lex Luthor, that they at least managed to scan the two Titans.

Despite her lapse into paid villainy, Sweet 16 later came to Wonder Woman's aid as part of a small army of female superheroes, banded together to fight against the combined forces of multiple female supervillains thanks to the sorceress Circe. The heroes also had to protect the male heroes, whom had been turned into animals by Circe. The next time she appeared, Sweet 16 was part of an expanded Young Justice when they stormed the criminal nation of Zandia.

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