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 The Sweat Shop vs Captain America.
The Sweat Shop are men who have been augmented by the Power Broker and Dr. Karl Malus. These men with superhuman strength act as the Power Broker's movers and muscle. They normally wear green uniforms and carry various tools like crowbars, axes, screwdrivers and wrenches as weapons. They also use infra-scanners to pick up any life readings for intel or to scope out for any enemies around them. These men come into conflict with Captain America and Demolition Man when they discover one of the Power Broker's lab facilities. Captain America is trying to find out more answers on an augmented opponent he fought a few weeks earlier named the Super Patriot. Captain America is trying to find the Power Broker because he is the man behind the strength augmentation of various men.

The Sweat Shop beat down on D-Man.
The Sweat Shop powerhouses come across Captain America inside the lab facility and engage in battle. Captain America manages to hold his own until Demolition Man comes to help. However D-Man is overwhelmed by the mass numbers and is taken to the Power Broker, Curtiss Jackson. Captain America and Dr. Karl Malus manage to escape into the underground sewer system. Dr. Malus pleads with Captain America not to enter the sewer system and tells him that the Power Broker has been dumping the failed augments into the sewers below. The failed augments have been hideously disfigured and proned to violence. Captain America would end up fighting some of these failed augments and gets some help from the Shroud and the Night Shift. They work together to bring the failed augments to the Power Broker for treatment and Mr. Jackson is taken into police custody.  


The Sweat Shop was created by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary and Vince Colletta in 1987 and first appeared in Captain America # 329.

Story Arcs

 Sweat Shop member escapes with the Viper.
The Red Skull would hire the Sweat Shop to breakout the Viper while she was incarcerated inside the Federal Penitentiary in Virginia. Several members swooped down inside the penitentiary during daylight hours and gunned down some guards. They found her cell and two members used their augmented strength to rip her cell door open. They placed a flak jacket around Viper and one member carried her onto their hovercraft with a jetpack. The Sweat Shop presented the Red Skull with Viper and they were paid twenty thousand each for accomplishing the mission.

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