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Swank is one of the named members of the group known as the Chairmen. He is the second in command of the group and takes orders from Benny, leader of the group.


Swank is much more cautious than his leader, Benny. He believes that their current situation under Mr.House is a good one, and doesn't want to do anything that would result in a punishment. Swank displays traits that show he still has some of his tribal mindset to him. When the Courier interacts with Swank during his trip to the Tops Casino he displays a cool and relaxed personality. When the Courier tells Swank of Benny's plan to take the reigns of New Vegas from Mr.House he is quickly swayed into turning on Benny.


When Benny goes away on business Swank becomes the leader of the Chairmen. His normal responsibilities include running the Tops Casino, as Benny is never around to actually oversee the casinos management. Swank is always found at the front desk of the Casino and can answer any questions that one may have about the Chairmen or their leader, Benny. After Benny is dealt with by the Courier, Swank becomes the leader of the Chairmen, though he continues to manage the Tops Casino.

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