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 Swan as Warchief
Swan is a level headed tough second in command to the Warchief Cleon of the Warriors.  When Cleon is presumably killed by the Riffs, Swan takes over as Warchief.  In the coming hours afterwords he has to get his remaining seven members and himself back to Coney Island.  On the way he looses to members of his gang.  First Fox is killed by a cop that tosses him in front of a subway car.  The second is Ajax.  Ajax disobeys Swan at just about every turn and even challenges him for leadership of the gang even though he lost a fight with him that gave him the second in command spot.  Ajax is left behind when he sees a girl he wants to score with.  When he attempts to rape her he is handcuffed to the bench by the woman who turned out to be an undercover police woman.  He is them enraged at tries to fight a woman while handcuffed to the bench.  He is then beaten by the police officer who is left standing after he punches out the first one.
When Swan and the remaining Warriors get back to Coney they find the Rouges waiting for them.  The leader of the Rouges Luther  pulls a gun a attempt to execute Swan. However Swan is faster and throws a knife through the wrist of Luther's Gun hand.  It is after this that the Riffs show up and take out the Rouges. 

Other Media

 Seen better days
The Novel 
Swan was originally in the novel Warriors written in 1965 by Sol Yurik
The Movie
The charter of Swan was in the movie and was suppose to have been kidnapped by a homosexual gang called the Dingoes but escapes. The romance with Mercy was suppose to be with Fox but because their was no chemistry between the two actors the script was changed so that Swan would be the love interest of Mercy and Fox would get tossed into the path of a subway car.
The Video Games
The Video games were based more on the movie than the novel and used all the same characters.  It also took them through the same scenes of the film. 

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