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Lena Elliot was touched by magic from the moment she was born on the Vernal Equinox. Both her parents were powerful mystics, and performed a ceremony to bless Lena's birth. Shortly after her 21st birthday Lena's parents were caught in the middle of a battle between the Circle of Thorns and the 5th Column. The groups were seeking a pair of rings that had been in the Elliot family for generations. Lena's powers manifested and she instinctively protected herself and her parents. Manticore had been following the 5th Column group and came to the Elliot's aid. The battle was going poorly when Lena lashed out with her psychic abilities, stunning many of the villains. Manticore mopped up the rest, but not before the 5th Column managed to escape with Lena's parents. Manticore offered Lena the chance to fight at his side and she jumped at the opportunity. As Swan, she aids him in his relentless war against 5th Column, in the hopes that one day she will find her parents  alive    

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