Snyder Leaves Swamp Thing

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Earlier this week, as well as talking about Gail Simone leaving Batgirl, I also mentioned that Scott Snyder was leaving Swamp Thing. It’s possible this may have been overshadowed somewhat.

In this case no one was fired by e-mail, there weren’t excruciating issues with editorial, and no one poured a cup of hot soup over anyone. It’s just that Snyder has decided to manage his workload a little more. With his new Vertigo series on the way and Man Of Steel with Jim Lee ramping up, with all of the editorial oversight such a project may need, something had to give. First American Vampire went on hold and now he’s off Swamp Thing.

As much as Snyder made his name on the new Batman series, Swamp Thing showed his range and also made a comic book that had been cancelled for low sales a number of times, sell. In a way that Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Bryan K Vaughn and Andy Diggle had failed to acheive.

I understand a recent-Image Comics creator will be writing the book after Snyder.

Sad to see him go on

I wonder who will takeover

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Oh that sucks. I mean, I'm not reading Swamp Thing but I had heard a lot of great stuff about it

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Hmm, I wonder who from Image will be taking the reigns. I'll place my first bet on Brandon Seifert, second bet goes to Joe Harris.

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Give it to Gail! She'll give us the moody, kinky gay Swamp Thing we deserve!

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@Loki9876 said:


Yeah, that was my first thought too

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That's too bad.

I wonder who'll be the new writer.

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Well, this sucks. A lot.

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I loved his run.It's a shame that he is leaving the title.

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Has anything been announced as to who will be taking over?

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@derf_jenkins said:

Has anything been announced as to who will be taking over?

someone name Charles Soule

who wrote 27 for Image

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