Scott Snyder Announces Departure on SWAMP THING

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#51 Posted by Lvenger (21233 posts) - - Show Bio

I knew this was coming. 3 books is more than enough for a writer like Snyder and since Superman and Batman are my favourites I kind of prefer Snyder to finish Swamp Thing so he can focus on them lol.

@Billy Batson: How long is Diggle going to be on the title for? I'd have thought 18 issues would be a long enough run. That's how long Morrison's been with Action Comics if you count the 0 issue.

#52 Posted by aaunderoath (165 posts) - - Show Bio

"never want to go above 3 books" isn't he co-writing Talon? wouldn't that put him at 4 books now?

#53 Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45 (152 posts) - - Show Bio

I knew this was coming because of Superman. Glad he had stayed as long as he did though!

#54 Posted by broo1232 (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

Someone really good better come on this.

#55 Posted by UlquiorraSchiffer (77 posts) - - Show Bio

Noooo, my heart, It is breaking!

#56 Posted by Spideycap (212 posts) - - Show Bio

@broo1232 said:



#57 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Sad but understandable obviously. Even awesome writing geniuses have their limits, and in all honesty I'd rather have Snyder kick consistent @$$ on 3 books than to do only a mediocre job on more. Besides, I'm ready for his Man of Steel already so I say full steam ahead, Snyder!

#58 Posted by TheBatandTheCat (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope the next writer can live up to scott's run... but im really excited for the Wake and Superman with lee!!!

#59 Posted by jrock85 (2850 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Well that's Swamp Thing dead in the water, yet another non-A-list character doesn't make the cut and The Dark corner of the DCnU shrinks again

#60 Posted by celestial_man (105 posts) - - Show Bio

any chance that the legenday china mieville will take over the run as he seems to be in the dc fold and has history and interest in the character

#61 Posted by urstenky (9 posts) - - Show Bio

This is the second biggest mistake DC has made this year (firing Gail Simone is the first)! With this move, DC will ensure that Swamp Thing will be cancelled within a few issues. Snyder is the first writer since Alan Moore to understand this character and write it well. DC should have done everything in its power to ensure that Snyder would remain on this title. I believe Snyder could handle 4 titles easily but I think he wants and deserves a bump up in pay! Come on DC, ante up and keep this great writer on a title he was meant to write!!

#62 Posted by John Valentine (16335 posts) - - Show Bio

Synder's Swamp Thing is one of the best damn books I've ever read. This is sad news.

I suppose it's better for something to end at it's peak than to die slowly.

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