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I have been really fascinated by Swamp Thing as of late. Problem is, I really know nothing about him. So i have a few questions.

1. What is some required reading for Swamp Thing? I know some people dislike reading older material when getting into a new character but I dont mind. My one request be that the material is easy to find.

2. Is the New 52 series worth checking out?

3. Are the movies worth watching? I've watched trailers on youtube but cant tell if they are so-bad-its-good or just plain bad.

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  • Moore's run aka Saga of the Swamp Thing or if your not afraid of spending the cash get the whole Vertigo run
  • It is, although I haven't read it since Snyder left so I'm not sure if it still is but most pepole seem to still like it
  • Wes Craven's Swamp Thing is a great film
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Moore's run is essential reading. It's been collected in various trades. Veitch's and Millar's runs are worth checking out too but Millar's run hasn't been collected. You could check out pre-Moore's Swamp Thing, Len Wein's run.

Yeah, might as well start with Soule's run on the new series.


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Moore's Swamp Thing is one of the most complicated and subtle runs of any writer on any monthly series. Again and again, I go back to stories like "The Nukeface Papers (part 1&2)" "The Rites of Spring," and "Reunion," because they just say so much about the relationship between human culture and the natural world. It is a truly profound work about the immense difficulty (and perhaps impossibility of putting the needs of the environment before the needs of society.

Among Moore's more interesting ideas, especially when Bissette and Totleben illustrate it, is the green, a universe spanning plant-mind that connects all plant life living or dead. Neil Gaiman, in the introduction to Vol. 2, calls the green a "communal undermind" of plantlife, and I think that is pretty interesting to think about. I'm pretty interested in theories of the unconscious, and it is clear that Moore is too. The green acts like a sort of unconscious part of Swamp Thing's mind and body that grants him immense power when he accesses it. And that is just cool to think about!

Also, the supporting characters really get some great stories in Moore's run. In many ways, it becomes just as much Abby's book as Swamp Thing.

After Moore's run, check out Neil Gaiman's three unpublished Swamp Thing stories in the Midnight Days collection. They are just as subtle, complicated, profound, and just damn entertaining as any story Moore wrote.

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New 52 swamp thing is my first swamp thing experience and i LOVE it! Is awesome.

For those that have read the other swamp thing series, is the rot world event a retelling of previous swamp stories, or is it new never seen before?

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@al_capown: If i recall correctly, it hasnt been seen before the new 52.

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OK, I just finshed reading rot world, I am now on animal man 19 and swamp thing 20. SWAMP THING OWNS!

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The New 52 has been pretty good to Swamp Thing. Rot World gets a little drug out but is a good story. Soule has been doing a very good job since Snyder left.

As everyone has said, Moore's run is the standard bearer. I started to lose some interest when Swamp Thing went to space and the story telling got really weird.

I would also highly recommend Len Wein's original series. I have only read up to issue 14 but it starts going black and white from there.

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Space? Which issue does this happen in?

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All caught up on the new 52 swamp thing. Pleased so far :D

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will read #20 and 21 today. Next week comes out #22!!!!

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The space part of the Alan Moore run is really weird indeed. It gets a bit hard to follow, actually very hard to follow. But there are some excellent issues, like the one where Swamp Thing ends up on a world of sentient plants, and makes a body out of other sentient beings, which drives him insane.

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Oh ok, I havent read that run, only reading new 52 stuff at the moment.

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Definitely check out Alan Moore's run. I'm loving it so far.

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