New 52 Swamp Thing/Animal Man Reading Order

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Hey guys, I just got into Animal Man and the newer Swamp Thing. I have all of them already, and I have already read Animal Man #1-6. I was wondering what the optimum reading order is for the comics. I had started to read Swamp Thing 0, but it mentioned Animal Man Annual, so I stopped there.

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You only really need to read them in a certain order during Rotworld.

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Read Alan Moores first.

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I have the first 5 issues of swamp thing and the first 6 of animal man. I was going to start reading swamp thing thing but now it seems like some series need to be read in order with other series, so confusing arg!

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@al_capown: When it comes to Rotworld all you need to read in order is Animal Man 12 before Swamp Thing 12 and Animal Man 17 before Swamp Thing 17 as they are direct tie-ins, but the ones between can be in any order.

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Thanks man, how do you guys know all this stuff? Is there a link somewhere I havent found yet with the reading order of some of the New 52 comics?

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