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Into The Green

The Story:

Alec Holland journeys into the Green to prepare for his upcoming contest with Jason Woodrue, the Seeder.

The Good:

One of my favorite things about Lemire's Animal Man series is his exploration of the Red and the various characters associated within. Soule begins his exploration of the Green in this issue and it is also very well done. We've seen the Parliament of Trees in this volume of Swamp Thing but here we're also introduced to some of the more vicious former avatars of the Green. These characters, notably the Wolf & Lady Weeds stand out as being particularly more cunning and extreme in their methods than we've seen before from the previous avatars. Without spoiling these moments I will definitely say they're the highlights of this issue. Alec also meets an unexpected former avatar and the emotions run very high as Alec learns his motivations and personal desires might not have been entirely his own.

The Art:

Kano handles the art duties and it is absolutely gorgeous. Each character has their own unique design and they really stand out. The environment within the Green is also a sight to behold. It is more relaxed visually than the Red but extremely impressive in its own way.

The Score:

This is a fabulous issue and I am pumped for the showdown between Holland and Woodrue. Soule is doing a great job with this series and his run has been on par with the high standards Scott Snyder established for this series.


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