starkiller809's Swamp Thing #8 - Eye of the Storm review

This is what happens when you over-water your plants

I really love the art in this series. I think that this is some of the best art in the New 52. It's even better because the artist hasn't needed a break to catch up. The arts amazing and on time. I really like the story in this issue though. We get to see Swamp Thing battle as Swamp Thing for the first time since the reboot. I really like the new design even though I think the wings should go. I also really didn't know about Swamp Thing before the reboot and I'm glad that I feel like I do thanks to this series. I also think this had a very strong ending and I think anyone who reads this will pick up the next issue. 
I really think this was a fast read. I was reading it and I was kinda surprised when I got to the end how fast I read it. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
This is definitely a good series and I think that everyone should try it because of how good it is. I think that it has a direction and has a larger plan and every panel contributes to the bigger picture. I also think that it's supper gory and I think that might appeal to some but turn some away, but for me; I works. If you like good comics, this is something you should be reading because it's really good.  
Posted by zackattack529

it was because of the double page spreads. but cool to actually see swamp thing in action! :D

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    Art: This issue is really all about the art and introducing the temperament and body of this new Swamp Thing and boy does Paquette do the business. The page that gives us our first full fleshed look of the new Swampy is magnificent. With his graceful wings stretched wide and the heavenly rays of sunshine raining down on him, Paquette manages to give this green beast an angelic quality while at the same time maintaining the ferocity and power this Swamp Thing needs to defeat the agents of the rot...

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