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“The Gift of the Sureen” reaches its finale as a major new player is revealed to the Swamp Thing’s world! In order to survive the Sureen’s “gift,” Alec Holland must become an entirely different being!

In the temple of the Sureen Alec has just found out that Miki is an avatar as well, the avatar of Mycos - the Grey. Alec asks why he has never heard of the Grey and Miki replies that is because she has abandoned her post as avatar and has been using the Sureen's services to switch bodies for centuries. In Germany at the D.W. AG Research Facility R-18 the scientist have created a suit out of the avatar body so that test subjects can directly link themselves to the "botanical energy field". They show a satellite view of a wheat field that has been destroyed by the tampering in the Green by the scientists.

Back in India Miki is trying to convince Alec that he should continually switch back and forth between bodies but Alec is reluctant. He instead asks that she show him her avatar body. They go visit it in a hidden part of the temple. Alec brings along Gaurav and Capucine, and he asks Gaurav to transfer him into the body so that he can save the host before he dies. Once inside the body Alec has trouble controlling it but ultimately does and he interrogates the former host named Hans Leider. He tells him where the avatar body is being held and Alec goes out to find it. While traveling through the Grey he realizes how empty it is and how similar it feels to the Green now after Alec destroyed the Parliament.

Alec forms out of moldy bread and infiltrates the base attacking the armed guards. He the the avatar body and tells everyone to clear the building as he destroys the facility. When he returns to India he traps Miki and tell Gaurav to switch up all the bodies. Miki goes in the fungus body Alec into Miki and then Alec in the plant body. After the transfer Miki is furious and battles Alec but she is quickly subdued. He tells her that the Grey needs an avatar and he leaves with Capucine and Gaurav. In Louisiana the Wolf and Lady Weeds are verseeing the reconstruction of the house when the Wolf receives a call that the avatar body was stolen and the facility destroyed. It turns out he had orchestrated the whole thing. Suddenly Aquaman appears and menacingly declares: "Which one of you is the Avatar of the Green?!"

Continues in: Aquaman #31 - In the Muck

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