starkiller809's Swamp Thing #19 - Urban Jungle review

Swamp Thing #19

The Good

Kano is the new artist on this series and judging from this issue, the art will continue to be fantastic. Kano's style is very simple but with enough details the every panel looks very complex. The Metropolis Botanical Garden looks fantastic. The exterior makes it look like an Oasis inside a huge city. It's very well done and it grabs your attention. I also really enjoy the emotion that Swamp Thing shows in this issue. He looks so depressed so when you see him smiling, trying to be optimistic, it's noticeable and very well done. Charles Soule also starts his run in this issue. He manages to take the book in a new direction, and it looks like it could be new and interesting. We get to see Swamp Thing having to make tough decisions that really makes you question the character at first, but then you realize that his job is conflict with what he wants to do. Scarecrow appears in this issue. and at first it feels a little cliche, but Scarecrow really does have a reason for being there that connects with the rest of the DCU. Swamp Thing also has some new powers that look really cool and will be very useful for getting around without being noticed.

The Bad

Some of the inner dialog felt a little weird and repetitive. (Ex: I am... was; He... it) I felt that it was really weird and conveyed a little too much drama. The write also made you worry with the first few pages that this new direction would be pretty bad, but then redeemed it very fast.

The Verdict: 5/5 (Perfect)

I know some people won't be happy that Swamp Thing is interacting more with the DCU, but I am. I feel that the dark is a little off on it's own, and that's fine, but I'm glad to see Swamp Thing really starting to get into new places and fight new things. I was worried when Scott Snyder left, he was one of the reasons I first bough the book, but Soule gives us nothing to worry about. If you haven't been reading Swamp Thing, but want to get into the book, this is the perfect issue for you to start. It's good with a bold new direction that I believe, will work.


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