dark_noldor's Swamp Thing #16 - Rotworld: The Green Kingdom, Part Four review

The power of the Green

I like stories that the writer plays with the ideas of hope and tragedy, when you think everything is done for, comes a ray of lighting and you know, somehow, things'll work out. Like the Green that refuses to perish, this story gives us the legacy of Bruce Wayne,now a giant bat decaying of the Rot,but even in his last conscious act,Bruce Wayne was fighting the good fight, he was trying to discover a cure to the Rot, trying to be a beacon of light in this darkness, trying to give hope to humanity. His martydom or legacy will be the Green's ultimate weapon and last resource, tools that Snyder quickly showed that Swamp Thing is ready to bring the evil Anton down. Speaking of him, this is also a story about love:love conquers all, isn't that right? Perhaps in fairy tales, this is a medieval, dark and sinister tale from the Arcanes, so expect bad things to happen. But the love between Swamp Thing and Abigail, if strong enough, will be the solution to this plot, I've no doubt about it, there must be a connection of ending the threat of the Rot with the two of them,even if Snyder has chosen to tell the story making detours.About that, Paquette's art wasn't innovative or outstanding in this issue, he simply delivered solid panels of storytelling involving Swamp Thing and Barbara Gordon and some(very few) action scenes of them against the Rot and Abigail vs her evil uncle.This issue definitely wasn't his best, he was very conservative in his style, perhaps (I hope so) saving the best for the last. The best thing about this issue was how Bruce Wayne helped Swamp Thing in his mission, meaning, how enginous and clever Snyder was to imput Batman's world into this story, us readers, and Swamp Thing, apreciate it! This was one of those issues that when it ended I was like "Please, no, let me see more", next month only though!


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