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Alexis Holland Before the Accident

Alexis Holland was a scientist working for the Mary J. Cosmetics company's lab in Louisiana. She was developing a special eye liner that was permanent and could change colors whenever the wearer wants it. Wanting the formula for herself Antoinette Arcade of Antoinette Cosmetics sent her goons Ferrous and Brunette to steal it and get rid of Alexis Holland. While at the labs still Alexis tried her formula on herself discovering it works. While leaving Ferrous and Brunette came into her office to take her formula. Trying to get past them Alexis threw her vial of the formula at Arcades goons and tried to escape but was caught by Brunette. After beating her till she passed out Ferrous and Brunette tied her to a chair and ravaged her lab looking for more of the formula. They found her lab and the large vat containing the formula. After obtaining a vial they called Ms. Arcade to tell her they obtained the formula and how to get rid of Alexis.

Alexis Awakening from the Explosion

When Alexis awoke she discovered her office ravaged and was able to break free from the chair. While heading to the phone she discovered a bomb planted on a tables leg. Realizing they planed to get rid of her and the notes on her formula, she grabbed the bomb and went to her lab to throw it in her formulas vat to prevent the explosion. While running to the lab she slipped on the residue Ferrous and Brunette left while getting the vial and slid into the vat with the Bomb. As she fell in the bomb went off. After a few minutes Alexis survived the blast and climbed her way out of the vat to only discover her skin had turned purple form her being dowsed in her formula. While complaining about being turned purple and not being able to wear color coordinated clothing she discovered her left hand vanished as she touched a piece of paper on her desk. When she pulled it away she discovered it just turned into the color of the paper she touched.

Alexis's New Look

Discovering her formula did more than turn her into a purple freak she decided to test her theory by touching her office wall. In a flash her body copied the design on the wall. Then thinking she tried to make a design on her body to make her look like she's wearing clothes. To which was a success she then decided to go after Arcade and her goons and retrieve her stolen property. Once she arrived at the compound she sneaked her way to the front doors while not being seen until she almost got ran over by a car. As the car came she made a quick leap to safety and blended into the nearest wall. As she made her way into the building she heard Ferrous and Brunette coming down the hall. In a hurry she changed her skin to match the wall and followed them into the elevator to find arcade. While in the elevator she decided to mess with them by hitting Brunette in the head making her think Ferrous did it. After a few minutes the goons beat each other up until they passed out.

Alexis Confronting Arcade

After finding Arcades office she revealed herself to confront Arcade who was shock to see her alive and purple. Thinking fast Arcade grabbed her gun and started shooting Alexis only to discover she disappeared. After she ran out of ammo Alexis walked towards Arcade and punched her in the face. After finding her stolen formula she returned to her lab to dispose of all of it to make sure no one else obtains it. While thinking of what else to do Alexis then realized she could become a heroine like the ones from Spoof Comics.

Powers & Abilities

Alexis's Chameleon Like Abilities

After falling into her Vat of color changing eye liner Alexis Hollands body mutated causing her skin to turn purple and change her body's figure. Due to the properties of her color changing eye liner Alexis was able to change the color of her body like a chameleon simply by touching something or by the will of her mind making her invisible to the naked eye. She could also create designs on her body to make it look like she is wearing clothes.

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