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Sven is the teammate to Train Heartnet, known as the black cat. He finds a biological weapon in the form of a little girl named Eve who can mold nanites in her body for various effects. Sven and Train free her and they begin a fight with a group of terrorists known as the Apostles of the Stars. Before the final fight Sven undergoes a highly dangerous training regiment in training his Vision Eye by dodging small grade cannon fire for days. He was there at the final fight of the series as he helps defeat the Apostles of the Stars.


Vision Eye: After losing his eye on a case due to an assault by the mob, Sven's former partner was able see into the future and he donated one of his eyes to Sven upon his death which he foresaw the events and planned accordingly. The Vision Eye allows Sven to see a few seconds into the future allowing him chance to counter attacks. Sven was't as skilled as his partner was as it is not his eye and it drains him physically quickly, so he wore an eye patch to compensate.

Grasper Eye: After his training, the Vision Eye underwent a metamorphosis that became solely Sven's. The Grasper isn't as physically demanding as the vision eyes. The main power is it reduces anything within his field of vision into slow motion for about 5 seconds allowing him to dodge multiple incoming projectiles, multiple machine gun fire and even omnidirectional attacks encircling him without getting hit.

Sven is in excellent physical condition and has a very strong sense of will as he was able to infiltrate a mobster's base, who had an entire horde of security guards and rescue Eve despite having an arm sized blade rammed through his stomach earlier that day. He is a brilliant mechanic and marksman. His old weapon was a pistol until it was destroyed. He built his own weapon called the attache weapon case which had various weapons, including a machine gun, pistol compartment, grappling hook with electroshock feature, net gun and a high pressured water cutter which is capable of cutting through diamond and bullet proof armor easily. He also builds his own grenade type weapons and has built various bullets including explosive and freeze rounds.

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