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After Atlas Foundation lost track of Jimmy Woo after the 50's, Suwan became an adept of her father's teachings and eventually sought ways of becoming khan herself instead of Jimmy. That caused a rift in Atlas, allowing her to take over the mantle of de facto ruler the Eastern portion of the Empire. She's been keeping her young appearance by drinking the same elixirs that gave her father longevity.

Major Story Arcs

Wolverine: Goodbye Chinatown

Jade Claw has made herself a poppy field the size of Australia, and hidden it underground. She has enlisted several red dragons to transport the drugs from San Francisco to main line China via vast underground tunnels. She has hire Soulstriker, Rock of the Buddha, Razorfist and Darkstrider to be her personal guards. She has enslave thousands to work in her field. She plans to be bigger then the biggest Drug Dealer on the surface by controlling them all. Her plans are stopped by Wolverine, Gorilla-Man, Fat Cobra, Master Po, Yuen Yee, and an army of black dragons. She is last seen running back to china being chased by serval black dragons.

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