Survive #1

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The Good

SURVIVE pieces together the life of characters from the Ultimate universe in the after-math of Cataclysm. The real winner here is the Monica Chang story and her future in these books. Writer Brian Michael Bendis does something huge in the Ultimate universe which completely changes everything about Chang's life. While the overall issue was just ok, this very small development is the highlight of the overall issue. Without spoiling anything, it's pretty awesome.

While many may be split on Joe Quinones art, I really enjoyed it. Sure, his more cartoony style does take away from the seriousness of the issue, but it really puts the reader at ease here. The Ultimate universe has always been a bit more serious than the 616, so Quinones gives readers a bit of a breather while things settle down. By the end of the issue, fans will feel a bit more relaxed because we're not locked into some gritty, darker artwork.

All-in-all, SURVIVE's job is to set up the new Ultimate series, which it does pretty well. It does prepare the reader for the future of this series, which is great. Bendis gives fans glimpses into what we all have to look forward to in the upcoming months.

The Bad

If you read CATACLYSM, then like everyone else, you got to see Captain America die, but not really, since he died off panel. So the entire time Tony Stark is giving a speech to all these heroes, you can't help but think "He's not dead. We didn't actually see him die." Sure, the characters don't know that, but the readers won't really feel that emotional impact that the scene is supposed to have because they never saw Steve Rogers die.

SURVIVE tries its best to focus on the aftermath of CATACLYSM, but ultimately (no pun intended), it falls short because there's way too much going on to fit into a one-shot. Within this issue, SURVIVE tries to cover Captain America's funeral, Franklin Nelson's big discussion with Monica Chang, Reed Richards building towards the future, Miles Morales and Spider-Woman starting something new, and Kitty Pryde coming out of hiding. As annoying as it is to jump from event to event, grazing over this event in a one-shot is a bit of a bummer. If this event was as big as they told us it was, then the aftermath deserves its own mini-series.

Falcon turned out to be a stand-out portion of the event, and he's on the cover of this book, but he's not in the issue at all. It's an utter disappointment that he's missing from SURVIVE.

While Joe Quinones art is a bit more cartoony, it works, except in one case. Kitty Pryde looks nothing like Kitty Pryde. If none of the characters in the scene said her name, you'd have no idea who the character is.

The Verdict

SURVIVE does a great job at setting up one aspect of the new Ultimate universe, but falters with almost everything else. Cataclysm went out with a whimper and while this is a step in the right direction, it's only a small step. Monica Chang's story is the standout in the issue, but the problem is that there's a bit too much going on here for a one-shot, and while this book is supposed to set-up the new Ultimate series, it feels like SURVIVE would do better as a fully realized bridge between CATACLYSM and the new series rather than a doorway.

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That covers makes me giggle

Edit: Because of the whole chest mishap

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The only person on the cover that's in this issue is Sue hahaha

I did enjoy the issue though.

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Can falcon get a legit costume, something like winter soldier

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@inferiorego Hunger or Cataclysm, what was better?

Cataclysm tie ins. I think as a whole, it will all read well together. I preordered the Hunger/Cataclysm HC.

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Whilst this read better than parts of Cataclysm this was still quite terrible.

I disagree with your assessment of the art, I feel that the artist CAN do some good things, but what we get is rushed garbage (I adore cartoon styles, but this didn't feel cartoony), we're given randomly changing proportions and those proportions don't make sense (and then there's just general screw ups like how on the cover Sue Storm's boobs appear to be melting off of her chest), although there were slight signs of talent, like the scenes depicting Tony giving his speech that focused entirely on his face (god damn, go back and look at the changing backgrounds and Cap's face in them, it's hilarious), compared to a lot of art, I've rarely seen such a convincing portrayal of someone on the verge of tears. The rendition of Tony's teary-eyed face is literally the only nice thing I have to say about the art

Then the dialogue in this story is just a steaming pile. I adore Bendis, on a good day and on a title he cares about (eg. Ultimate Spider-Man) you get some of the most amazing, real and moving dialogue and scripts out there, but on a bad day where he's just phoning it in, you get some of the worst crap imaginable. That's what we got with Cataclysm and what we've got here, the dialogue is REEEAAALLY weak, the speech from Tony was repetitive and trite and everything is rushed, why this one-shot was double-sized so that things could actually be addressed is just beyond me. I have to admit though a lot was forced into this (and even then that speech still felt like it was padded out so it could last the entire issue for the sake of the story), but a heavily packed turd is still a turd, it's just smellier.

Kitty Pryde. Good god. We were just given the WEAKEST A**-Pull I've ever seen. Since cap stood down as President a while ago some secret president that's never been mentioned has secretly been fighting for mutant rights without this EVER being mentioned? Not only that, but because Kitty Pryde punched Galactus in the face (because science, don't question it) mutants will now be accepted by the public at large and everything is just fine?

For ****'s sake, we were getting some truly amazing stories from the Ultimate X-Men, a premise that was still ripe on the vine has now been thrown away needlessly. Not to mention that this in no way explains what's going to happen with regards to Utopia, all open mutants moved there and no new mutants can occur (Because China decided to make sure of that in the Hawkeye mini-series). There's no natural way of just undoing everything, so why do that? Milk Utopia a little before going back to the old way of things.

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The issue was enjoyable

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The Falcon looks like a midget on the cover!

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Can falcon get a legit costume, something like winter soldier


The third from the left is my favorite

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Did the Score for Survive drop, I swear it went from 4 to 3 to 2

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@micah said:


Did the Score for Survive drop, I swear it went from 4 to 3 to 2

It was never a 4.... ever..... ever....

It did drop from a 3 to a 2. I had some trouble clicking stars today.

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I completely agree with the Captain America funeral part. There was zero emotion from me because I know he'll return. The only thing that made me "emotional" was the idea that there's an on-going Marvel Universe that DOESN'T have Captain America, their pride and joy. I hope we see someone knew take up the mantle.

I enjoyed the interaction between Reed and Sue. I hope they work things out, SUE me! Pun intended.

Spider-Woman, soon to be Black Widow for whatever non-logical reason, announcing the YOUNG ULTIMATES was really cool. Young Avengers whaddup.

Kitty Pryde getting the mutants complete freedom is awesome as well. Somewhat explains why there is no X-Men book. I hope they're in Ultimate FF though as agents or students or something.

Also, if anyone wants to discuss the UU, I made a discussion thread that I'm trying to push since it doesn't get much use :)

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Two star review? Doesn't give me much faith in the direction of this one. a two-star on this site is like a funeral for the comic.

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This was such a let down on so many levels. Tony's speech was so bad, it seemed like he was just speaking matter of factly. Another issue for me was the bit with Reed Richards and Sue, this may seem like a minor gripe but one of the things that really bothers me about Reed is how the facial scarring has been so inconsistent. Unless I'm missing something, Reed should be a lot more gruesome than how he was portrayed. Also I felt like Kitty was written extremely out of character. I understand that despite all the things she has been through she is still technically a "teen" and could be allowed a moment of youthful vocabulary, but I find it hard to believe that the young woman fighting so hard to keep Utopia just months ago would address a phone call like the one she receives with "Ssssup?" Sorry for not gettin further in depth, at work but just had to vent about this issue.

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Eh, this was an OK setup issue for what's to come. But yes I also noticed many of the problems everyone else has stated.

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