How did he get the Sword back?

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Just a little question after his Fear Itself appearance. Last I saw it, the Twillight Sword was taken away from Hela by Thor and put somewhere safe. But in Fear Itself Surtur is running around Limbo with the sword in hand, so...did Thor go to Limbo to arm the enemy Odin was battling each and every day or creator whopsie?

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i'm pretty sure the writers just forgot as far as i know he was never supposed to actually get it back.

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It was briefly in the possession of Hela, and it responded to her worship, conferring upon her its powers in totality, threatening to unbalance the Nine Worlds, prompting Thor to intervene and eventually take the sword from her. In Fear Itself, the Sword of Doom had returned to Surtur's hand while he was trapped in Limbo, through the scheming of Loki however, Surtur is returned to the mortal world where he uses the sword to destroy the Serpents Dark Asgard, thus fulfilling the letter of his bargain with Loki, that said Surtur would have Asgard to destroy, but not which Asgard. SOURCE:

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