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Operation Camembert was a covert operation designed to sway public opinion in France when the Americans unlawfully declared war on Iraq. Brad Bently was fully trained for his mission undercover mission. His disguise consisted of a simian costume, tacky French beret. His greatest power was to know just when to quit. Under this guise, he entered Paris as Surrender Monkey, but fell in love with its great culture and people. This caused him to go rouge, relocating to Rhone Valley to living out his life. Here he joined a cult called the Church of the Naked Truth.


Apparent Death?

A group of mutants known as Eurotrash were put together to assassinate Henrietta Hunter in New York. Fighting both Spiderman and X-Statix, Eurotrash was able to capture her, and retreat on Surrender Monkey's command. Henrietta swayed her captors to keep her alive for ransom, stating that they would be famous. This proved fatal for Eurotrash, as X- Statix outright slaughtered the group. Surrender Monkey alone survived the attack

Church of the Naked Truth

Man Under the Monkey Mask

This cult runs under the prime belief that wearing clothes is wrong. The priest of this cult managed to get his hands on a brain fragment of X-Statix member Droop. Mr Sensitive and Iron Man went into the Rhone Valley in search of the fragment, and Bently convinced the priest to keep it and use it to gather money for the church. Sadly the priest and Bently were labelled heretics by the church members when they donned clothing. Iron man was then able to recover the fragment.

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